They should make something completely non-caloric so eating out of boredom isn't bad anymore, amirite?

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It's called water and vegetables. Celery, broccoli, etc. You probably burn more calories reaching for them, stuffing them in your mouth, chewing, and digesting than you actually intake.

And of course, water has no calories to begin with.

So yes, it is possible to eat (healthy) out of boredom. But I never crave celery when I'm bored, or any other time, for that matter. :o

Ice cubes~? O u O

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@Ice cubes~? O u O

That's what I was thinking

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cool story bro

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Celery actually has negative calories. You burn more calories during the process of eating that you do from the food itself.

any green vegetable, like celery, lettuce, green pepper, cucumber, ect. The fibre cancels out the 4 calories that's in them :P


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Then theres also Pepsi 0 or sodas of that kind
Theres nothing in them. Its 0's all the way down the nutrition label
Then again I hope you don't mind chemicals and probably cancer after you've had enough

I'd just go with veggies and water :)


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I think that's called fruit....

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