People used the word "depressed" way too easily - just because you're sad doesn't mean that you're depressed. Amirite?

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I completely agree. Almost my whole family has depression and it makes me a little mad inside when people like, have to do homework and say they're depressed when they're really just dreading the homework -_-

I. Hate. This. Also with bipolar disorder. Both bipolar disorder and depression run in my family, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm bipolar. And then people go and say, "I change my mind so often, I'm so bipolar!" or "I got a C on that test, I'm so depressed." >.<

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This is why I say "mildly depressing". It makes much more sense, but people think it's weird.

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People do use "depressed" too often, but I think you can be emotionally depressed about something even if you aren't clinically depressed. It's like angry vs. enraged. You might be enraged if, say, your daughter was hit by her teacher, but that doesn't mean you're enraged whenever you get angry. You can use "depressed" to describe your feelings when a loved one dies, but that doesn't mean you should use it when you get a B.

I don't see what's the problem with using the word 'depressed' of you're sad about homework or something minor.

There are two similar but different meanings for 'depressed' -
1. To be sad, low in spirits, etc
2. To suffer from depression

I find 'depressed' is rarely used in the second way. When people say they are depressed about something, they mean that they are sad about it, not that they actually suffer from depression.


Where were you lot of YYA'ers when I was all alone fighting for this cause here - http://www.amirite.net/515303/1014605 !?

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@Nacklefoodle !!! Where were you lot of YYA'ers when I was all alone fighting for this cause here -...

I didnt see that discussion but i definetly wouldve agreed with you if i did :)

@Nacklefoodle !!! Where were you lot of YYA'ers when I was all alone fighting for this cause here -...

Hey, like no offense but I think you really need to chill with this.

The main definition of 'depressed' is to be sad or unhappy, and is mainly associated with low moods but not the actual psychiatric disorder. It can mean to suffer from depression, but I find it is rarely used in that way.

If someone had depression, you would say 'they had depression', because it implies that they had the disorder.

I would understand your upset if you were talking about when people say they are 'so OCD' or 'so anorexic' over something, because in both cases there are no other meanings. To be anorexic, you have to be suffering from anorexia. Some dumb shits use it to mean thin, but that's not an official definition, just pure ignorance. That also applies to OCD.

In short: Be chill, man. 'Depressed' has two different meanings.

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