You don't drink eight glasses of water per day, amirite?

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It's an achievement for me if I drink three, to be honest.
And not just water, any liquid...

I don't even drink 1 glass a day

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I only drink water. I hate pretty much all flavored drinks. And I've never actually measured/counted, but I probably double that every day.

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In the summer I pretty much wouldn't survive if i I didn't...

I barely drink water, if at all, my usual drinks are Coke and milk. Mostly cause the plumping in my home is kinda old, its free tough!

MrTies avatar MrTie Yeah You Are +1Reply

You get some fluids from the food you eat, so really you'd only to need to drink about 3 glasses of additional water daily to be healthy.

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I drink three litres everyday, i don't know how many glasses that equals

I love water. I drink tons of it at school and then drink some when I get home. So I guess I'm pretty well hydrated.

I don't.
I drink 8.5 glasses.

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