You've had to break into your own house before, amirite?

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i used a popsicle stick to wedge in between the window and undo the latch that was keeping it locked about half an inch open so i could climb in through. it disturbed me how easy it was to break into my house.

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Yeah... me and my muddy boots had to climb in through my sister's window. Her stuffed animals were not pleased to get stepped on.

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I'm pretty shocked that my neighbors didn't say anything, considering it was when I was new to the neighborhood...

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I had to crawl in through the dog door, but my pants kept getting caught. So I took off my pants and shimmied in through my 50-pound dog's door.

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I have a key that's usually hidden on my back porch, but I could see it inside. I had to use a ladder to climb up to my second story window.

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I had to take the supposedly "burglar proof" screen off my window and pry it open with a screwdriver to get in after my little sister accidentally locked my door when she closed it. This has happened twice.

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I had to stick my arm through the mail slot in my door to turn the key from the inside one time...
Not that impressive next to all these "I had to climb up the side of my house with my books in hand while a rabid dog was trying to kill me..." stories

I had to crawl through a pipe-line hole in my basement wall.

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After the first time breaking into my locked house, I made sure to lock all the windows for good in fear of a burglar actually breaking into my house through opening the windows. Hopefully i never get locked out again.

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