Sometimes you wonder what it's like to be at the FRONT of a traffic jam. amirite?

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There would be no traffic jam if you were in frount would there? You would be holding everyone else up.

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I read that most of the time, traffic jams occur because one person stopped suddenly, and the person behind stopped because the 1st person stopped, and so on.
It becomes a traffic jam because the people are so close that they /have/ to stop when the person in front is. If there was a little more space between each car, there would be fewer traffic jams

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(Julian):That's what I was thinking.

I've caused a traffic jam once. Just got my car out of the shop, they didn't secure a belt or something....causing my car to die at a red light. Oh what a fun day that was :)

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I think that most of the time, traffic jams are caused by heavy traffic during a merge. People can't just merge with 20 other cars that are really close together at freeway speed without killing someone, so people have to slow down a lot to merge safely and find a gap, causing everyone else to slow down. People slow down a lot when they change lanes or merge in heavy traffic.

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