Priests are clearly the biggest hypocrites out there. First they say that you should wait till marriage to have sex but they're the ones to tell kids it's right to do it at an early age. Then they say it's wrong to be gay but they're the one who like little boys the most, amirite?

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Where on Earth have you heard of a priest tell kids it's okay to have sex at an early age?

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oh please... yeah there have been cases of priests molesting little boys, but honestly, there are just as many pedophiles that are atheist.While Its still wrong, that 1% of priests that mess up that badly get more publicity cause they are public figures.

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@1060950 (Adria): i know its a joke. and that link thing really isnt that funny anymore. Once people stole it from polarthebear it died. But anyways, this just seems like it is aimed as a hit toward Christianity, not just a simple joke.

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At least someone who realised it's a joke.

I believe this post goes against number 9 on your profile. There are very few priests who have made mistakes like this. There are more molesters that are teachers, scout leaders, babysitters, or regular family members. There are other churches that also have had problems with this. The difference between them and the Catholic church is that the other churches aren't willing to publicly say that it was a mistake and to make people aware of it. And no, it is not wrong to be gay. There are plenty of gay priests that are just fine. I'm not going to get into what is wrong and right, but I think it is very rude of you to first of all generalize all priests and also to say that gay people are paedophiles. It's not okay to make jokes about that because it really does give the Catholic church a bad name when it really isn't bad. God bless you.

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"There are numerous people here
that feel an unexplained need to
be rude and take every post
completely literal/serious.amirite?"

I think you made that post. So you should not take me completely literal/serious.

It's ignorant of you to generalize about priests that way. Just cause some are messed up, doesn't mean the rest of them are.

It's part of the joke.. "come on kid, it's okay to do those things young. Come with me to my room. I'll just show you."

I meant it in that way.

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I dunno what priests you are around, but most don't say its okay to do that at a young age...

I don't even know what to say to you. First, this doesn't come close to talking about religion. Priests are people not god unless that's what you believe, then I apologize. It's a joke about priests not religion. Second, there's a reason that this post is in the joke category. Check out the definition of the word 'joke' someday. Third, if this post was really offensive, it would have been removed by the moderators. Fourth, you should seriously stop being paranoiac and over analysing. Just tell me where I said being gay is wrong? and where did I even say gay people of pedophiles?

I might be wrong but right now, the impression of you that I have is that you're a teenager that cruelly lacks humour and that just jumped to my neck because you saw the word 'priests' and thought I was attacking your religion which isn't the case.

Also, you should probably learn that there are other religions out there and that they do have priests too. So calm the fuck down ...

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If this was a joke, I'm not laughing.

Chill out people. As polarthebear said, it's a joke. If you haven't got the sense of humour to enjoy it, move on and don't pay attention. Don't bitch around about how ''I'm ignorant and rude''. You're the ones being rude.

Joke was taken too far. Its only funny when theyre quick one liners. Its like how saying every dead baby joke in succession becomes awkwardly morbid.

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we all know that christianity doesnt make sense, and jesus was not god.

stfu about the gay priest shit

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My priest is gay....and I'm pretty sure he's not a paedo.

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