It would be weird if they tried to appeal kids shows, like Sponge Bob, to adults by coming out with movies that were rated R. "Plankton, get the f out of my Restaurant! "And keep your fing s*** off that Krabby Patty.", amirite?

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"The fuck Spongebob? I said bathroom break, not go-snort-cocaine-in-the-bathroom break. Bitch nigga."

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yepp lol i was just about to post that! :]


I heard it was originally on Adult Swim...


That wouldve been hilarious

I couldve sword Mr. Krabs said "Bitch in the afternoon" in one episode.

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Am I the only one that's noticed that Sponge Bob was way better before the first movie came out and then after that he got lame?

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Still though, I agree with this post, that'd be kinda funny too haha

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@Ummm no, not the same.

Not the same what?

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@Some_Kid Not the same what?

The post you posted.

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@The post you posted.

If you think I'm trying to say this is a repeat off that post, it's obviously not, read the post and you'll understand what I mean.

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@Ummm no, not the same.

You've obviously missed the point of Some_Kid's post... you need to pay attention before babbling your mouth on...

It was originally intended to be an adult show and the 7 main characters were based on the seven deadly sins...

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I Think the "*" adds more of a dramatic affect myself :p

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