It's kind of exciting when you first make a post. It's like floating a baby in a basket down a river, you don't know whether it will sink and die, or stay afloat, drift to shore (become homepaged), and become a great person/post. All you can do is hope for the best, AmiRite?

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What kind of sick person floats a baby down a river nowadays? XD

notlinkins avatar notlinkin Yeah You Are +9Reply

Amirite posts are Moses?

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It's also like a metaphor. Sometimes it's fantastic, sometimes it's bullshit.
This time, it's the last.

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And maybe one day it'll conquer this civilization, held in esteem as the so called 'Post of the Day,' before falling to a new challenger at precisely the same exact time the next day.

Tempest_Trances avatar Tempest_Trance Yeah You Are 0Reply

breakfastfan and anthony have like moses-status baskets.

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