It's pathetic that instead of their first kiss, teenage girls are more focused on their first time having sex, amirite?

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Not all girls are like that

@ilikefurrywolves4815 Not all girls are like that

Agreed. But you can't really blame the girls either. Blame society.

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I'm a teenager, and I'm focusing on my first kiss. Yeah, I'm not there yet. But half the FRESHMEN, 14 year olds, are talking about getting "banged" in their bedrooms! Like, fucking whores.

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To be quite honest having sex is far more important than kissing someone.Because I can kiss anyone and I won't mind it while I wouldn't have sex with someone I don't know and trust.

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I know, right. Like, "OMG THE WORLD IS GONNA END IN 2012 I'M LOSING MY VIRGINITY BEFORE THEN" My friend said that...

When my friend was 13 she lost her virginity. From then on, she just whored around, became emotionally unstable and extremely manipulative.

Having Sex > Kissing


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No not all girls are like that but I know a lot that are. The first time someone has sex is of more importance than a first kiss but at fifteen it shouldn't be the priority at the moment.
And I'm sorry if it's a repost. I searches to see if there were any similar posts but I guess I didn't word the searches right.

My boyfriend and I (both sophomores) have been together for almost a year and we haven't had sex. The reason we haven't (besides being completely happy) is because it absolutely destroyed the relationship of my best friend. We don't want to end up like them- it's a shame.

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Yeah in a perfect world teens would be more focused on school work, prom, sports and going to college. But it's a far from perfect world. Teens are focused on drugs, alcohol and sex.

Honestly, 16 year olds are supposed to be having sex. Are bodies want us too but society makes us feel bad for having hormones.

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@Honestly, 16 year olds are supposed to be having sex. Are bodies want us too but society makes us feel bad for...

If you can't tell the difference between "our" and "are" you're not ready to be a parent... You become a parent by having sex, therefore being the reason society looks down on it.

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