Girls that say they have rape fantasies actually only have fantasies of rough sex and being dominated. Think about it, no girl would actually want to be completely forced into sex with a stranger who they don't know or trust, amirite?

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Yeah, I want to punch any girl in the face who says she has a fantasy of rape. There is nothing fun or sexual about having your choice taken away. It's not something you ever truly get over.

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@fuckoffwhore i dont think you know other peoples sexuality. here, i used google so you didnt have to...

The second link didn't work so I can't comment on that. But the second one "I've had a number of girls ask me to rape them" It's not rape, it's still consensual the girls have chosen that person to "rape" them and have consented to the sex their choice has not been taken away they have not been forced to by someone they do not want to have sex with like rape victims.

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If they want to be raped, wouldn't that make it consenual and therefore not be rape?

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@Tallglassofwater If they want to be raped, wouldn't that make it consenual and therefore not be rape?

Exactly. It is impossible to want to be raped, because then it wouldn't be rape.

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If you want it, it's not rape.

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@If you want it, it's not rape.

If you don't give consent.. And not all rape is by strangers. It could be her partner, best friend, parent, teacher, anyone..

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If they have fantasies about rape and would like it, it would be completely willing therefore it wouldn't be rape so really your post is correct. They just want rough sex.

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Wtf? I've never heard anyone say they would want to be raped, that's just fucked up.

Not the ones i know.

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My biggest fantasy is to be raped. It would be soooo hot.

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