It would be morbidly funny to ejaculate into a dollar bill and hope it gets a stripper pregnant, amirite?

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Just a dollar bill? You cheap bastard.

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Sperm can't live outside the body for... oh, dangit.


This is kind of an important point, though, as someone who doesn't know something that basic about the process of sex and reproduction really shouldn't be engaging in an act that could lead to reproduction.

Too bad you don't stuff money in their vaginas

It would not be morbidly funny when the stripper's ex boyfriend, Pauly finds out its not his baby and he kills the stripper out of jealous rage. Which he regrets afterward because he remembers he hates children, so he decides to flee to Aruba to escape prison. Leaving your child, Enrique without food and water in his crib, that is until the stripper's next door neighbor calls the police about a disturbance in her house. Once the police show up to investigate, they find poor Enrique crying. The police eventually go on a search for you because the baby needs his father. Thankfully they have your DNA because you were arrested for tampering with evidence in '02. The police have a lead on you, and find you in Lousiana, where you are living with your brother who has his own kids. The police give you Enrique, your scarred, petrified baby and everyone lives happily ever after :)

Two posts about ejaculation and money on the homepage, with only one post separating them. Is this a trend?

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20 bucks this was how the OP was conceived.

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what is this i don't even

In Canada, we don't have dollar bills, we have loonies;)

Disgusting. I love it.

@Yeah, no.

Well, they won't accept it in shops anymore anyway... might as well try this.