The writers of Degrassi probably have a dartboard of all the existing mental, physical, and emotional problems to decide what to have happen. "I got pregnancy! What do you mean we've already done it 46 times in the last seven seasons? Oh, well. Let's do it again!", amirite?

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They must have a brainstorming session of all the ways to take teenage drama and make it different.

1. Pregnancy - abortion, adoption, teen mom
2. Drugs - ectasy, weed, cocaine addiction, oxycontin dealer, alcohol (of course), meth head
3. Death - school shooting, school rivalry knifing (still upset about that one)
4. Sexuality - gay, bi, lesbian, questioning, transgender...they've got everything

I haven't seen the show in ages, and I'm forgetting a lot.

Sounds more like secret life of the American teenager, except the only thing on their dartboard is pregnancy and marriage.

Haha! That's hilarious! And so true...:P

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