When homophobes pull the "I don't understand love between the same sex" line, you feel like saying "Well, homosexuals feel the same way when they think of love between a man and a woman.", amirite?

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thats just going down to their level!

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Yes and no.
Like, people pulling the "I don't understand this type of love so it must not exist" line is stupid, but giving it back in more or less the same way is also stupid.

I'm a gay man, but I can understand how a man can love a woman, or a woman can love another woman, even though I'm not sexually attracted to females. And, I can understand heterosexual romance and sex.

Like, I know you're arguing that it's stupid for people to dismiss homosexual love simply because they themselves don't feel it, but I just don't think that's a good comeback.

I've never actually heard people use that line.

Sure, but as far as nature goes, heterosexual can reproduce. Homosexuals can't. It doesn't exactly make sense why anyone would find the same sex attractive, in the scientific aspect anyway. I'm not saying homosexuality is wrong or anything.

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