They should make an alarm clock that emits the smell of bacon, amirite?

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it already exists, you pop the bacon in a little tray and when the alarm goes off, it turns on 2 halogen lamps which sizzle the bacon.

@fuckoffwhore ew wouldnt the bacon be sitting there for a long time?

First you set your regular alarm clock to wake you up 10 minutes early, and when that goes off you get up, put in the bacon and then set THAT alarm clock, so there's no problem, you see?

id start hating bacon, and i dont want to start hating bacon.

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It would piss me off because I don't have time to make breakfast :/

Might not be good for vegetarians though

@DobbyTheElf Might not be good for vegetarians though

naw, I'd buy it. I love bacon, and the smell of it, but I can't bring myself to eat it...

They already have that, it's called a woman and its job is to wake you up and make breakfast.

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What a tease that'd be!

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