The ability to read minds probably wouldn't be as great as it seems. Instead of hearing juicy secrets and wishes, you'd probably hear the song that's stuck in their head or things like "Ew, there's gum under my desk!", amirite?

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or you would see their daydreams usually about their crush!

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@Predy or you would see their daydreams usually about their crush!

and the really nasty things that they daydream about their crush

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haha, yeah I agree. But anyone hearing my thoughts would never get bored.

i'm gonna be a buzzkill here, but, even if you could read mind it wouldn't really work cause the majority of the time one thinks in fragments that wouldn't be easily understood by someone else

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I always understood that mind reading wouldn't just be what they were thinking at the time, but you could delve deep.

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Boy they'd be fucked when they read my mind... sooo many horrible stuff down there. And I'd like listening to my crush's or my brothers' passing thoughts, that just makes me love them more.

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@your mind... it is down where?

Into the depths of his twisted inner thoughts I'm guessing.

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