You support gay marriage, amirite?

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Its just another kind of marriage...

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I neither support it nor do I rally against it.

It's none of my business who gets married to whom, whether gay or straight.

However, I still voted "no way" because I don't go out of my way to support gay marriage. :)

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It's not that I'm against it, but I still find it kind of awkward (no offense to those who support it).

This was an excuse to get upvotes. You know 95% of amirite supports gay marriage.

Okay, why do people have to either support it or be against it? Why can't we just 'nothing' it? It's their life, they do whatever they want, it shouldn't even be our concern.

If you're against gay marriage and your reason is "God intended marriage to be between man and woman", you're an idiot. Religion and politics are two different topics which shouldn't be integrated as one. Religion is about believing in a supernatural being. Politics is the concept of bringing equality and fairness to society.
Say hypothetically, the Bible didn't allow people to watch Dr. Phil, then Christians aren't going to watch Dr. Phil. But that doesn't mean I can't just because your God says not to. Same goes with same sex marriage.

Religion --> following rules of supernatural being(s)
Politics --> promoting equality and fairness to the individuals of society.
These two notions must not be integrated.

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So are you diagreeing with what i'm saying? The role of laws and legislations isn't to promote fairness and equality? You don't think that's what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1945 does? Then why don't you tell me the function of politics/government.

And now I am officially a horrible person by amirite's standards, lol.

I think I'm rather unique in that I'm fine with gay marriage, but I don't think gays should have kids. I mean, it's fine if they adopt, but I believe that a baby should only be had between a man and a woman (who love each other) and gay couples shouldn't be using sperm/egg donation to have kids. I can't know whether God intended for men to marry men or for women to marry women, but there is one thing of which I am sure, and that is that men can not impregnate men and women can not impregnate women.

I'm not against gay marriage, but my question is simply WHY? I don't see what wrong with having a thriving relationship and just being girlfriend and girlfriend or viseversa. Besides, getting divorced is expensive.

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@I'm not against gay marriage, but my question is simply WHY? I don't see what wrong with having a thriving...

Cuz you get screwed on things like health care, taxes, and hospital visitation rights

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@I'm not against gay marriage, but my question is simply WHY? I don't see what wrong with having a thriving...

Not to mention that isn't there a law that legally "marries" straight people after so many years of living together monogamously, so you have to get divorced if you want to legally separate? Those people didn't get married and yet they have to pay for divorce. So that theory doesn't apply here because if a gay couple lives that way, they should be legally considered "married" as well. And if you want to get married, no matter who you are with, why not?

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Gay marriage degrades the foundation of marriage for all those god intended to be married

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