Good manners are useless- if you hate someone, why do you have to pretend to be nice to them? It's dishonest. amirite?

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Good manners are important because it shows you have self respect. In our society you are judged and if you want to be accepted you need to act accordingly. Plus, people with good manners will be taken more seriously than people who are not.

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It's not about being nice to them. It's about not being flat-out rude. And if you have to interact with them, be courteous. You don't have to be friendly, just polite.

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There are people who have done me wrong, but I won't be a jerk to them. You should simply forget about that person instead of channeling such negative energy that will in the long run do you bad and not them.

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:( Well if ur talking to like, a total snob, who's dissing u and all, then u shouldn't smile @ them and say thank you! FIGHT BACK!

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