technicaly philosophy would be the easiest job. like you just get paid for being smart. like i think really insiteful things like "why is there racism" and "are we really here" and "why do our hearts beat when we're heart broken", but i dont get paid for it, lol dumbasses, amirite?

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@burnagaininja LOL! did u take that pic?

No just on the web but I thought it was relevent :)

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@OFWGKTA No just on the web but I thought it was relevent :)

You seem nice but your username isn't true. Lighting is actually made out of electricity, it can't be made out of chocolate.

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@burnagaininja Ew thats gross, you LIKE that???

I had no idea until I searched that 5
45 seconds ago. My name used to be chocolate thunder which is a dessert and another urban dictionary term thatbyou can death if your up to it. But it got kind of boring so I changed it to the new name :P and now I regret it. Haha

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No. That is not what philosophy is.


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