You prefer crunchy peanut butter. If it's called peanut butter, there might as well be some goddamn peanuts in it, amirite?

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But if it has butter in the name, it ought to be smooth like butter.

They're called buffalo wings but wait..

@Francois They're called buffalo wings but wait..

Your telling me buffalo wings aren't made out of buffalo?

.. what's the plural form of buffalo?

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The fact that it's made from peanuts isn't enough for you?

If I wanted to eat peanuts, I would eat peanuts. Not peanut butter.

Butter isn't crunchy. :|

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You're an idiot; peanut butter is made from ground up peanuts, as well as other stuff, too.

you seem a little angry at smooth peanut butter. what did it ever do to you?

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I like crunchy better because it's more satisfying and doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth as well.

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