When you really think about it, tour guides can make up whatever they want and you would probally believe them... amirite?

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Aha just like Slumdog Millionaire when the kids told tourists that big ponds were built as pools

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my friend and i were in Washington D.C., and every time the tour guide said something she would make up her own story that she wanted to happen.. When we were at Mount Vernon, the tour guide said that "George Washington suffocated in this bed." And she goes to me and says "No no no he fell down the hill and drowned in the river.."

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one of my friend's dad was a tour guide once and he would make up stories about random places along the way. like "George Washington sat on that rock over there"

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Actually when I was in Grade2 I was obsessed with dinosaurs, so when my class went to the ROM I actually corrected the tour guide for calling an Albertasaurus a T-Rex.

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