You should have to approve of people tagging you in pictures on Facebook . Because , if you dont get on for like 2 days , and someone tags you , you have like 50 notifications when you get back on . amirite?

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You'd still have 50 notifications, it would just be for approval to be tagged in them.

I paused , at unnecessary parts in the post , because , like there were spaces , like before the commas and it's , like , really annoying.

@Nick Maybe you don't but don't speak for everyone else.

Nah , I'm pretty sure no one cares . And btdubs , the point of putting a comma in a sentence is so that the reader will pause . So , it doesn't really matter if there's spaces inbetween them .

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Alright .(x Don't get your panties in wad .

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You shouldn't have 50 notifications... last time I checked, if someone tags you in a photo and you get notifications for people commenting, it all goes into ONE notification.

Or, you know, you don't want to be pinned as in a picture that's either really bad or one you just don't want to be seen in.

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