A girl makes a Facebook status insulting guys and she gets 15 likes. A guy makes a Facebook status insulting girls and he's an asshole who needs to learn some respect. amirite?

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I am a girl but I love how sometimes on lamebook or failbook it shows a girl making a status like that and the guy totally pwns her like 'what now b!tch?'

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Yeah... It's mainly because society is more sexist against guys (by far) than girls, now.

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I'm a girl and I don't like that. Some chick in my grade posted (about her ex whom she broke up with over a year ago....) : "You weren't a good kisser anyways<3....I hope she gives you herpes."
It got over 30 likes.

Hooray for double standards!!

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in the movie about a boy, the main guy goes to a group called SPAT single parents alone together to meet single moms (easy to break up with) and he said: "let me tell you something. men are bastards, after about 10 minutes i wanted to cut my own penis off with a kitchen knife."

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