It would be weird if like thousands of years ago human life was at the point that it is now, but then there was an apocalypse that wiped out human life and only left a few things behind (pyramids, etc..), and then life started over, amirite?

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There would be evidence if they had iPods and the like yes?

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well you see, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

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What if that happened a few million years ago on another planet and those peeps moved onto Earth and started life over here?

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No. You're all wrong. EVOLUTION>

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Ever watched Stargate?

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I was thinking of the same thing. It kind of reminds me of the planets before us and whether or not they had some sort of life. Yes, the sun is closer to Mercury and Venus, but at one point, the Earth didn't have stable conditions either.

That makes me wonder about the future for Mars, too. :p

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Some people actually believe this, you know. Never mind how ridiculously unlikely it is.

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The ancient story of the Great Flood may not be just an allegory. We're only 8,000 years removed from the last Ice Age that really did wipe out much of a humanity that was essentially the same as we are. Gobekli Tepi, in Turkey, a temple or settlement of some kind is about 12,000+ years old with highly advanced sculpture, building design with detailed bass reliefs of animals. a sophisticated people built this then, for some reason buried it and disappeared. a whole chinese civilization over 11,000 years old existed and we even know the king's name and where he lived. An artisan sandal was found in Armenia dating to at least 10,000 years and another temple in Turkey was found to be over 10,000 years old. In comparison the pyramids are almost modern structures. In Ethiopia there are columns no one knows the age of. And even Graham Hancock cannot rightly determine the Cuban Highway or the underwater Steps in the Pacific rim. Perhaps there was not the greek myth of Atlantis, but at least a civilization far older than we can even determine. remember when the earth was proclaimed to be a little over 6,000 yrs. old only couple of centuries ago and any digression was met with scorn, even threats of ruin and The Church's doctrine still adhere's to its own version of the Biblical account of the Creation in 5700BC..

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