No one has a deep dark and dramatic secret like in all the movies. The biggest secret people have is that they're gay, play webkinz, or watch porn. amirite?

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...I play Webkinz. Sixbillionsecrets, here I come.

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@can i be totally honest? so do i.

That's why I'm anonymous. I want it to STAY a secret. :D

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So other potential secrets, like having been raped, being pregnant, having mental or emotional problems, etc. are all impossible? Most people have at least one big secret.

Well, not everyone is an open book like you guys. There's no way I'm letting you in on the super special secrety secret of my secret box.

That's just because you don't know any murderers hello smilie

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My secret is I draw gay webkinz porn.

I don't see why you would keep the fact that you watch porn from people.

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My secret is...oh wait it's a secret, I'll shut up now.

My secret is that i've never seen a full dragon ball-z episode

My secret is that I'm the "other girl"

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@My secret is that I'm the "other girl"

sixbillionsecrets is where you belong.

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