Old fashioned words are the bomb-diggity, amirite?

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They are the cat's meow!


Ikr? They're rad!

jens avatar jen Yeah You Are +4Reply

This post is so totally bodacious!

D_Sexys avatar D_Sexy Yeah You Are +4Reply

For sure, they're groovy

LoquaciousHippos avatar LoquaciousHippo Yeah You Are +4Reply

If you said that in public you'd probably get arrested.

Anonymous +3Reply

And how!

They're just the cat's pajamas! You'd have to be a regular old Mrs. Grundy to not think old-time lingo is the bee's knees!

monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are +1Reply

nope. If I remember usig them thay aint oldd mate!

Anonymous 0Reply

I wish I could say this stuff in normal conversations and not be looked at like a weirdo...

lgreenbergs avatar lgreenberg Yeah You Are -2Reply
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