My Fiancee doesn't want to have my last name, she wants to have both last names but I think it should just be mine like it traditionally is, amirite?

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It's going to be her name so she can decide whatever she wants. I'd say that the way she wants her name to be is more important than tradition. You should respect that.

Traditionally, people are usually virgins before they get married too...

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calm down, all he was saying that he THINKS that it should be traditional. he's not forcing her. no need to attack him.

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Once I was watching George Lopez and everyone thought Carmen was a slut so they wrote Hopez on her door. Maybe that's why.

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Good thing you can judge marriages with very little information.

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Marriage is one of the most traditional things in the world...

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I would put the initials in to consideration. Your kid could have some awesome initials! Francisco Antonio Iglesias Lopez! That would be such a win...kinda

You're dumb. Just put her last name with yours, not everything has to be ''tradition''.

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I'm keeping my last name. Idgaf what my husband thinks.

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Is it Lopez?

No wonder...

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If I were the woman, I'd think twice before marrying you...

@Meandmycat If I were the woman, I'd think twice before marrying you...

They have differing opinions. Its not like he's forcing her. He just thinks she should be traditional. There's no reason to not marry because of that.

this site is mainly dominated by girls dude, be careful saying stuff like this

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What's wrong with having both last names?

@Dollartute What's wrong with having both last names?

Because if everyone does it, then in a couple generations someone will have 8 least names.

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Well I personally don't like it when girls just don't take their husbands last names. (Unless it's for a good reason) I think it kind of ruins the whole "family aspect" you know? But I still think he should respect her wishes. (PS: I am a girl)

If you let her have her way she'll remember how much she loves you every time she writes her name.

Maybe she just like the way it sounds better. Like, my boyfriend has a last name that sounds absolutely awful next to my first name, so I plan to be Fuustoleit MyLastName-HisLastName if we get married.
And hey, it's not like she doesn't want to have your last name at all.

I'm very vain about last names.

I want my boyfriends last name if we do wind up getting married even thought it would sound funny. Alliteration FTW

My mom has both her maiden name and marriage name.

Where I live nobody changes their last name when they get married... If they really want to they can but it's the woman's choice

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Tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen.

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