You pictured Katniss Everdeen as everything BUT Jennifer Lawrence, amirite?

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They better dye her hair!!!

Lolsiess avatar Lolsies Yeah You Are +1Reply

I'm gonna wait and see how she does before I judge because I think she has the potential to be a great Katniss.

The least they could do is dye her hair for the movie.

Prosopagnosias avatar Prosopagnosia Yeah You Are 0Reply

So they finally casted her? I remember it was a big-ass debate for a while. That's so dumb, I don't see her as Katniss AT ALL.

alovelyukuleles avatar alovelyukulele Yeah You Are 0Reply

Yeah! It was on Us Weekly. She signed for the part on Wednesday.

Lolsiess avatar Lolsies Yeah You Are 0Reply

She's supposed to have olive skin grey eyes and dark hair! Lawrence is hot tho..

Jayzees avatar Jayzee Yeah You Are 0Reply

I believe this is where movie magic kicks in. She'll look like Katniss, I'm sure.

Anonymous 0Reply

OH so they're making a movie? AND WTF THEYRE NOT DYING HER HAIR?! :@

Scups avatar Scup Yeah You Are -1Reply

Her face is sorta ugly....yeah, definitely not a Katniss.

alienators avatar alienator Yeah You Are -1Reply
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