Everyone I know loves the TV show Glee and hates Kids Bop but isnt Glee just a televised older people version of Kids Bop? amirite?

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Also, Glee has a storyline/plot. Honestly, i fast-forward through most of the songs.

I hate glee!

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@stacysmom I hate glee!

I hate it is because a good singing voice isn't the only damn thing out there like American Idol, X Factor, and Glee want you to believe. You can be not so good at singing and make great music... like Bob Dylan.

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Glee doesn't have the original singer still singing, unlike kids bop. Also Glee can stay relatively on tune most of the time and can stay in time, again unlike kids bop.

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I don't mind people making covers of songs. I just don't like listening to bad covers of songs. I don't think I've ever actually seriously listened to a Kids Bop cover, but apparently they're very bad. Glee covers on the other hand are usually pretty good, although if I'm watching an episode and I don't like one of the songs, chances are I won't pay attention to it and I'll just browse the internet or something until the song is over (I watch Glee on Netflix mostly). Also, at the very least, Glee uses adult voices for the songs, whereas I'm guessing Kids Bop frequently has to use annoyingly high child voices for their covers, which may be an automatic disadvantage for any song Kids Bop chooses to cover.

And Glee singers don't distort the lyrics of the songs to make them kid-friendly. If anything, they'll do the clean version which most radio stations do anyway. Also, occasionally they cover Broadway songs and classic songs which Kidz Bop does not. I have yet to hear KB cover Les Miserables or West Side Story.

THAT IS SO FUCKING TRUE! and it's part of the reason I hate the show so much [:

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I would think that's why they like it over kids bop...

Damon Albarn is my hero.

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Except the actors on Glee actually have good voices, unlike those annoying kids bop kids.

Every one you know?You know a lot of shit headed,Mother fucking,sorry ass excuse for people..GLEE FUCKS CLASSIC ROCK IN THE HEAD!..I hate this world and 95% of the people who live in it

@Clementines ...calm down...

What would you do if someone went around raping you memories and everything you loved!still hate the world....

what the fuck is wrong with the people you know?

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