I quit smoking and it was the hardest and proudest thing I've ever done. However non smokers tell I'm a "stupid fcking bitch" for starting, ignoring my accomplishment. Smokers will NEVER quit if they're treated the same way when they stop, and need support not hate to overcome, amirite?

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Congratsnon quitting. If it's your friends that are not being supportive, maybe it is time for some new friends. If they are not your friends, then who cares what they think. You did something incredible. You stared your addiction in the face and said "no" for the sake of your health.

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Well, people who don't ever start don't get that credit in the first place.

Grats on Quitting =D Keep it up.

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you're a stupid fuckin' bitch for even starting

lol na tho good for you man

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Congrats! I wish I could quit. Good for you. Just because it isn't a hard drug, it's still an addiction, and it's hard. What makes it worse is that cigarettes are so easy to get, unlike drugs. You can't walk down the street smoking meth. But you CAN walk down the street smoking a cigarette. The easy access almost makes it harder to quit. Also, the fact that so many people smoke, so you get your cravings easier. I wish you the best of luck.

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Congrats on*

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My mom tried so hard many times she was emotional when she didn't have those butts. Tell your mean aquaintances you are detoxing and it puts you on edge, if they can't deal oh well. Time for nicer friends you will find then now that you will smell better. .

It's religious. The whole country is possessed by a spirit of stupid.

I don't get how people get addicted. I smoke in the summer just because and I've never been addicted. And I don't just smoke a few, I smoke a solid 3 or 4 a day. Then when school starts I have no problem just stopping.

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