You dream of falling into his arms, the touch of his velvety fingertips brushing your skin, the tingling of your body when he looks at you. You can almost smell his scent even when you're miles away, you lust for his body heat, you could sleep in his arms. Not only do you want the tip of his tongue to trace your bottom lip, but you'll never dream of anyone if you could only have him. amirite?

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I dream of printing out this post, holding in in my soft velvety fingertips and tearing it into tiny pieces that are as pure and white as his soft skin. I dream of the shivers that will run up and down my spine tingle my toes when I burn this awfully written post into soft fluffy ashes. I dream of barf flowing of the tip of my smooth tongue and out of the beautiful flowery red lips when ever I read writing that sounds as corny and exaggerated as your post!!
<faints dramatically>

The thing is, in my opinion that sounds stalkerish. I mean what happened to the days were people just wanted a quick kiss and one I love you?

This is Twilight...without the sparkles.

Then you aint in love

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I dont know exactly, sometimes you find "the one" and never want to let him go

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