Theoretically, if you were falling forever through pitch black nothingness, it wouldn't feel like falling, because there is no point of reference or time, amirite?

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The wind from falling would definitely make you feel like you're falling...

This kind of makes sense but at the same time it doesn't.

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Well, yeah, but I'm pretty sure there also isn't any pitch black never ending nothingness around for me to fall into, so I wasn't intending to be realistic.

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@_pi_ But if it is indeed nothingness, there would be no air resistance/wind

Precisely what pimpmasterJ said. Unless you were wearing a spacesuit.

This post and these comments make me think.

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You can feel the fall at the beginning, until you reach maximum speed (haha, maximum speed) is when you stop accelerating and you don't feel the fall anymore.

You'd still feel the pull of gravity, wouldn't you? And you can tell when you're falling even when it's pitch black.

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Like how we need a reference point to see if we are right.

To fall, you need a source that is pulling you. You can't fall into nothingness, you would just float.....and die.

what about when your chillin there with your eyes closed and feel like your falling? you still dont have a point of reference or time, shit you cant even see anything at all. and your reference point isnt even movingm

did any1 else think of spy kids 2 when they read this?

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