Rumors hurt everyone. They hurt the feelings of the little girl whose 'friends' now thinks she's a bed-wetter. They make an adolescent boy cry at night because his classmates avoid him like the plague in the locker-room. They destroy the credibility of your co-worker, whom everyone now believes to be a thief. Gossip is discussing and it destroys lives. True or not, don't spread it, amirite?

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Where was the typo? Have I missed it or wasn't there one?

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Rumors don't hurt everyone. In fact, they bring me a fair amount of enjoyment as long as they aren't about me.

verrrry good OP. gossip is discussing! :'D

This was obviously just meant to be funny

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These types of posts are so gay.

@dzukac These types of posts are so gay.

Do you know whether or not these posts are gay, or is it just gossip?

eldoritos avatar eldorito No Way +26Reply
@dzukac These types of posts are so gay.

Shouldn't use gay as an insult, man...

Anonymous +26Reply
@BobWilson Shouldn't use gay as an insult, man...

You're absolutely right. It's oppressive and not cool.

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Gossiping is in human nature. Trying to stop it is so pointless. What are people supposed to talk to each other about besides other people?

@Jonesy Sports,weather, past,future,beliefs,joys,class,or anything else

Talking about things like sports, beliefs, class, past/future usually involves talking about people.

@Jonesy Not negativley and no it doesn have to

Talking about people doesn't have to be negatively. Gossiping isn't necessarily saying negative things about people, it just has negative consequences sometimes. But you could say that about anything.

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