If you look carefully, you'll notice a recurring theme in the literature read in high school: Life sucks and then you die, amirite?

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On the first day of English this year my teacher told us, "So basically every book we read this year will have the same theme: people suck."
At least it's something I agree with!

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Anyone read the play fences?

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@Kristaa Anyone read the play fences?

FUCKIN YA in sophomore year American lit. Another few good ones were the Crucible, the Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliette, ill let you know when I think of others.

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Candide: Pretty much.
Slaughterhouse-Five: YES.
Hamlet: Absolutely!
Merchant of Venice: Yup.
Wide Sargasso Sea: Yes.
The Things They Carried: ...Debatable, but still leaning towards that.
Atonement: Yeah.
The Great Gatsby: Yes.

To be fair, though, Extremely Loud... was very uplifting. And at least The Bell Jar had a positive ending. :P

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@Sarahvdm the bell jar definitely does not have a positive ending

It's been two years since I read it, but if I remember correctly, I think the book ended with the main character beginning to have hope that her depression could be cured. The endings of all the other books I listed had no hope in their endings whatsoever.

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Pretty much the theme is Males are overbearing assholes and women are repressed by them, death, pregnancy/abortion, and black people. no offence.

Hamlet. Death of a Salesman. Great Gatsby. Lord of the Flies. Julius Caesar.

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