Teenagers and young adults should be trying to become mature adults, not stay immature because "it's fun", amirite?

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I would say yes to some extent. I mean, yeah, they should have fun and not try to grow up to fast. But they also need to realize that there is more to life than a party.

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Can I just say, recently my school had a reward day for one of the houses with bouncy castles. The most excited about this were the year 11s (15-16 year olds) and the teachers. Everyone else thought they were 'too old' for them.

The older you get, the more fun you can physically afford to have. When you have a full paying job, you can actually rent your own bouncy castle for the day and have a hell of a lot more fun that you could when you were 12ish.

Long comment short, the older you get the more fun it is to be immature, as long as you know when to be serious and focus.

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That's the only reason teenagers exist...

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@Kellie That's the only reason teenagers exist...

I'm not saying they shouldn't have fun, I'm a teenager myself

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I think people should just act their own age.

@lucky13n I think people should just act their own age.

Yes, exactly. Some people need to realise that they're 19, not 9.

Or 90...

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To some extent. Laughing at nothign but sex jokes,swearing all the time, making fun of people for stupid things, better yet anything, and taking gossip seriously at all and getting stoned instead of trying to learn and better yourself, those are the immature things we should be avoiding. These are the things that should be left behind or completely ignored at a younger age.

Just being a goof and having fun without worrying about the world and taking avery freakin' thing too seriously, that's what we should be doing.

But...It's fun.

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Life is too short to be worrying about acting mature, right now you are the youngest you will ever be. If i want to watch spongebob and color in coloring books then who cares, this may be the only time i will have to do it.

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It's possible to grow up while still letting your inner child out.

Ususally when they try to do that, they end up being way more immature than the were in the first place.

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