If you want to control people, start a religion, amirite?

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"Fortunately for leaders, men do not think"- Me

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unnecessary; semicolon

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Change the semicolon into a comma.

Your eyes will thank you.

If you want to control people, be charismatic.

If you examine history, WHAT you're saying really doesn't matter, as long as you're saying it the right way.

inb4 butthurt religious people, oh wait, too late, resort to grammatical errors instead of facing reality ^^^^

If you want to control people, make sure you have plenty of blackmail.

Religious people will say, "Yeah! That keeps them under control!"
Irreligious people will say, "Yeah! They do have mindless slaves!"

If you want to control people, go to the control panel, amirite?

@AnnDeeva NW.

Damn, why did everyonw vote down that> It was a joke, and i thought it was a clever one too.

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