People who think they are talented photographers aren't the actual photographers but are mostly teenagers with Nikon, amirite?

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it makes me feel bad for people who actually do it as a profession and are good, cuz you know no ones believes them.
nowadays "photography" means a cellphone pic of a sunset posted on fb.

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I agree. I don't really understand how a person can be mostly a teenager. I have never heard of a human with an eclectic age.

I think i'm okay. you should check out some of my stuff. http://www.facebook.com/album.p...;amp;aid=27395 and I don't have a Nikon camera. i have a Fujifilm.

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This girl I know sincerely thinks she's a photographer... She doesn't even own a real camera. Just a crappy built in camera on her phone...

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I think what the OP was saying is that some teenagers have these expensive DSLR cameras, usually Nikons, and think that anything they take a picture of with them is gold. Yet they know nothing about exposure, aperture, contrast, setting, or composition of a shot. You can't really consider them novices or photo enthusiast because they know noting about the history or concept behind photography or how to really handle their cameras (which are FAR more complex than point and shoots). They generally refuse to recognize the shortcomings of their work and think they deserve praise. Of course this is not the rule for all teens, just a few.

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I'm going to admit, I do own a Nikon, and I have an album on facebook titled "photography," but in the description I make it clear that I'm looking for advice on how to get better, and that any constructive criticism would actually be appreciated. I'm not amazing, but I've been told I have pretty good composition, exposure etc.. It's just a fun hobby and I enjoy sharing my pictures with people. As long as people make it clear that they want some advice, or that they don't think their professionals, I don't mind so much..

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thanks for the outcomes.worst yet, I myself do own a Nikon. But stuff happens when some sort of people do not know how to control their manners. in the end, they are rudely pointing each other that somebody is duplicating somebody.

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Haha this started off as a diss to pretentious failtographers and now people are shamelessly promoting their crappy flickr pics... OMG JASMINEEE YOU SO FRIGGIN TALENTED, YOU SO GOOD AT TAKING SHOT FROM RANDOM LANDSCAPES! AND YOU OGUIEEZY!! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GETTING AN AWARD FOR THOSE INCREDIBLY ATMOSPHERIC BLACKNWHITES!

C'mon people, read a book for once or go to a museum...

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