An FML post could read, "Today I got shot in the chest and am dying in the hospital as I type this", and there would still be a few hundred assholes voting 'you totally deserved it'. amirite?

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what if the reason theyre in the hospital dying is because the police shot them for breaking into a kindergarten and murdering 45 inoccent children in the most painful way possible?

The retard is shot and dying. Call loved ones? Call Friends? No! FML must hear about this. Obviously his priorities aren't right.

I know right?! The people there are so critical. there would be a comment thats like "YDI for choosing to submit an fml instead of resting so you can heal"

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Fmylife would never homepage that post though. Unlike this site there are still quality standards over there.

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@wobbuffet It's not creative and it sounds fake.

as ridiculous as this may sound, its probably not that easy to get shot in the chest in a creative way.
but yeah true, i would probably accuse it of being fake.

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Almost all of the people who vote 'You Totally Deserved It' are trolls.

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