America is just like a big high school, California is the cool kid with a drink problem, New York is the weird, funny one, Washington is the class president, Hawaii is the annoying one who's always 5 steps behind, Arkansaw is the butt of eveyones jokes and everyone else just sort of meddles along in the middle, amirite?

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Nevada is the kid people only like because they have rich parents, a pool and throw good parties

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Washington DC is the class president, right? Washington is the kid who's just there. He always hears his name being called but it's always Washington DC.

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if only you knew how to spell Arkansas :P

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@if only you knew how to spell Arkansas :P

I have a friend in my class who read "Arkansas" and said, "Ar-kansas? What's that?" She thought it was a different kind of Kansas.

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We all know what's up with Idaho hello smilie

Texas is that one annoying conservative/Republican kid who backs up all his gay-hating, women-beating ways with "That's what my daddy/the Bible said!"

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Massachusetts is the nerd.

wisconsin is the farmer kid!

Alaska is the wierd foreign, reclusive kid

What about Florida and New Jersey?

@WoahElle What about Florida and New Jersey?

Florida: the overtanned girl with Oompa Loompa skin in the middle of winter. New Jersey: the tough kid who wears a leather jacket and just his presence makes people stay away from him because he's trouble.

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I think South Carolina is the butt of every joke

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@Retooser I would argue Alabama.

I'm too lazy to back up my opinion..

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Washington isn't "hipster"

Florida is the kid that spends all her time partying and going to the beach.

Colorado's the extreme athlete

Arkansaw: the kid too stoned to spell his name correctly.

new york is the cocky state


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what abouut....louisiana?

Ahaha. I was thinking the guys that always get drunk every weekend

Wouldn't Hawaii be the cool kid that everyone wants to be friends with?

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