People who like country music hate rap, and people who like rap hate country. People who like anything else hate both country and rap, amirite?

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This does seem like the trend.

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That's a weird combo. :/

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Same. If a song is catchy enough, I can tolerate it :|

I love everything. I'm a huge fan of country and rap, and classical and alternative and indie and classic rock and bluegrass and jazz. And the list goes on.

I'm in the third category, but I prefer country to rap

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I like my rap music hardcore and my country with a good fiddle/harmonica/banjo... Neither are my favorite genre but I like 'em both fairly well.

I like some of almost everything, to be honest.

I am a huge fan of both! :P

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My favorite musicians are in order: 30 Seconds to Mars,Phoenix,
Eminem, and
Disturbed...wherever that puts me

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I'm into metal mostly, but I still listen to country, rap, and occasionally pop stuff, just depends on my mood

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false! i like both

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I like both.. Country in the summer, rap in the winter mostly, with everything else mixed in

I like reggae and alternative, but there's some legit country annnd rap out there. I just prefer not to listen to it.

I love both country and rap and other genres too. It really depends on who the artist is.

I like everything except for reggae, or however you spell it, and country.

I mostly listen to rock, I fucking hate country, and I like some rap.

I like everything BUT country. I even like opera music.

I like both genres, as well as many others.

Wikits avatar Wikit No Way 0Reply

Nope. I like rock, prog, metal, jazz, classical, techno, country, and rap, and much, much more. I see nothing wrong with either of the genres.

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I don't like metal, rap, country, techno, or opera. Everything else is good. Green Day!

I like tr00 rap, not studio gangsters like Lil Wayne and fucking Nicky Minaj.

strange... im listening to Cave In right now, next im going to listen to Old Crow Medicine Show, then Grieves & Budo.

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I love both! It really depends on the mood I'm in. When. I'm out with friends at night, it's rap. Buy when I'm alone and in a good mood, it's country.

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Rap sucks

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Truest thing I've heard in a while.

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naw, my favorite music is Pop-Punk, and I also love country, but Rap is just horrible music...

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