Harry Potter fans are intense; Twilight fans are obsessive. Harry Potter fans, however, have the right to be; Twilight fans do not. JK Rowling can be proud of what she's done; Stephanie Meyer cannot. Harry Potter fans are going to agree with me; Twilight fans are not. Twilight fans are going to bitch at me and try and talk Twilight up; Harry Potter fans are not, as they do not need to, amirite?

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Mein Kampf puts them both to shame

Or, maybe some people enjoy both series and think each one is good in their own way. And maybe some people think you're an idiot. And maybe some people think the Twilight vs. Harry Potter thing is fucking stupid and you're just causing trouble for no reason.

that last half was stupid.of course the twilight fans wouldn't agree with you and the hp fans would.your talking one up and talking one down.so stop being an annoying bitch by trying to strike up some fight.also, if your still on this, get a life.

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Stephanie Meyer wrote books that were made into movies.Why can't she be proud of that?

and they're both annoying!

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oh wow xD fail. thanks

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Might be the most retarded post I've read in a while.

i am gonna bitch about this cause its so fake i mean common if there r millions of people out there that love and read her books...... shes like jk rowling but way way way better yep!!!! i love twilight!!!!!

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