Odds of your child developing autism? 1 in 110. The odds of a drivers license picture looking like a mugshot? 1 in 2... amirite?

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What do those have to do with each other? ...

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hahaha you should have ended it with "odds that your driver's license picture looking like you have autism 1 in 2"

Unrelated false statistics are unrelated. And false.

I'd like to know where you got those statistics.

Odds that an anonymous person will post a retarded post on amirite? 7 in 10. (Wordplay intended)

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@I find that offensive. On a completely unrelated note, how do you psot?

Cool? If you're talking about the use of the word "retarded", it was meant as wordplay on the fact that the OP used a statistic about autism in a completely irrelevant way. If you're talking about my dissing the post, get over it. It's a joke, and was meant to be slightly offensive anyway.

And, uhh. You'll figure it out eventually.

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