It's annoying that people are complaining about the new Doctor Who before they've even seen him in a whole episode; give him a chance! amirite?

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I'm American, they do have it here but it's difficult to find. End of Time isn't airing here until late tommorow, which i do NOT want to wait for, but no one's put it on youtube yet :(

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@Abstract Who? Lol

Aha are you actually asking, or making a joke?

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Yeah, what you said :)
I actually think Matt Smith could be really good. I saw him in something a couple of years ago, he's a good actor.

Haha both. :)

@Abstract Haha both. :)

Ok thenn, haha.
He's the main character in a British TV series.

Oh..ha yeah, I don't know about that show. Thanks though.

I'm really sad to see David Tennant go, but I'm willing to see how the new guy is. I get to see End of Time tomorrow, I'm so excited.

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I really like Matt Smith!

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YEAH WE DO! I love doctor who.

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BBC america. on demand dude. that's what i use, but when theyre not on demand you can just watch it online..

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I know, but there are plenty of British people on here, right?

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