I'm sorry, but I don't believe some homosexual kid is going to go commit suicide because I said "that's gay". Technically, gay is just a slang word anyways, amirite?

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My personal belief is that political correctness is moronic, and so is word policing - I'm gay and I use it as a negative adjective all the time.

However, the argument behind not using it isn't that saying it will automatically make a gay kid kill himself, but rather the word association - kids on the playground, if a kid misses the ball when playing a sport, or does something stupid, gets called "gay", kids use "gay" negatively, and they soon learn that gay is something negative. And, when they learn that gay means homosexual, the word association is still there "gay=bad". And then when kids go through puberty, and some of them start being attracted to the same sex, it still remains in their minds - gay is an insult, gay is something bad, something you don't want to be, etc.

However, I think that blatant homophobia and heterosexism is more to blame for installing in kids that being attracted to the same sex is something negative.

they wont commit suicide for saying thats gay but they will if you harass them about being gay. i agree with you on this but i think you could have worded it better and maybe more people would. or maybe they wouldnt, straight people are touchy about the word gay even though every gay person ive talked to says they dont mind an object or idea being called gay as synomys with stupid/lame.

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I must go die now.

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