I am a 15 year old watching Mulan. That's not weird at all, amirite?

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Mulan is an awesome movie :DD

Quannaxs avatar Quannax Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Quannax Mulan is an awesome movie :DD

Yup and it has some of the best songs.

Anonymous +1Reply

Yeah I bet instead you sit around teasing people a out their interests and hobbies. Even though you only hobby is making people feel bad about being who they are.

Anonymous +2Reply

Have any of you actually thought that maybe they were being sarcastic when they said,"That's not weird at all." When I first read it, I read it with sarcasm.

Mj1996s avatar Mj1996 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Like, honestly. Since when was this MLIA? Lemme guess. You colour in your free time?

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