If a stranger starts talking to you in an elevator, just say: "I don't want to talk in case we get stuck and I have to eat you" that'll shut 'em up. amirite?

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What if they say, "well I like to get to know my victims"?

I could never say that with a straight face.

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I predict a POTD....

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Haha! This is soo funny. Yet at the same time disturbing..

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In Soviet Russia, Dorito eat you!

Actually, that wouldn't shut them up. They'd keep talking. They would do this so that if you DID get stuck in the elevator, it would be harder for you to eat them, since you'd have talked to them and sympathized with them as a human being. Which would increase their chances of survival.


What happens if they keep talking and you bite them, but they taste nasty?

What's wrong with people talking to you in the elevator?

@AntiJokeChicken What's wrong with people talking to you in the elevator?

It's just an unwirtten rule that you're supposed to stand silently, facing forward, no eye contact, no talking. DON'T QUESTION THE WAYS OF THE WORLD, MAN

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