Minecraft - Where making your bed literally means making your bed, amirite?

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Made my day <3 Now if you excuse me I have some cactuses to place around my house.

BurnyBurns avatar BurnyBurn Yeah You Are +7Reply

Minecraft: the game where you literally watch grass grow.

TheBlindMans avatar TheBlindMan Yeah You Are +7Reply

Minecraft- the only game where monsters can be under your bed.

DerpyHoovess avatar DerpyHooves Yeah You Are +4Reply

Minecraft: The game with an actual reason to fear the dark.

Deathbubbles avatar Deathbubble Yeah You Are +4Reply

Let's see...three wool over three wooden planks...

B_Diddys avatar B_Diddy Yeah You Are +3Reply

Really? I just punch my bed and carry it around.

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are +2Reply
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Predys avatar Predy Yeah You Are 0Reply

Minecraft- Where green penises chase you around your house until they explode.

You're funny.

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