You get an A on the test and your grade goes up 0.2 %, and you get a C and it drops like 10 %. Wtf? amirite?

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I'm guessing your bad grade is in Math class, huh

It's because the difference is bigger.

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Well that's because you already have a high average. SOmething that is only a bit higher than an A will only raise it slightly, while something that's a lot lower than an A will drop your average more.

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well, no, if you have a c average, and you get a c on your test, the grade would remain the same. if you have a c average and get an a on your test, your grade would go up a lot... not so wtf, huh? :P

There's nothing wrong with the percentages... if you have 193/194 points for the class, or 99.5%. If you get 100/100 on the next test, you'll be at 293/294, which is 99.7%. But if you get 70/100 for a C, you'd be at 263/194, which is about 89.5%.

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cool story bro

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44 seems more like it......

I see that you've met Mrs Maclaughlin.

Is this how it works in America?

In England they tend to mostly take your highest grade out of a couple of exams...or just add all the marks you get in your essays or tests or whatever to get one whole mark and then use grade boundaries to get an overall grade.

It's quite accurate tbf. You don't even need to get a single A grade piece of work, a few essays that are high B's can get you an A overall.

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Don't understand how averages work?

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