The US economy is in the shitter, there are numerous uprisings in the Middle East, and Japan is being devastated by natural disasters. I don't give a single fuck about the royal wedding and news stations shouldn't either. Amirite?

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Yep, because we only need shit on the news.

maybe we need some happy thoughts in between all the chaos in the world, did you ever think of that?

@brunetterox915 maybe we need some happy thoughts in between all the chaos in the world, did you ever think of that?

But they should be reporting real news as well as happy stories. Not how to knit models of the wedding party.

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@brunetterox915 maybe we need some happy thoughts in between all the chaos in the world, did you ever think of that?

Yeah that is a nice idea but it seems like they are prioritizing it above more important stories. I would sure as hell rather be informed about tradgedys that affect the whole world and possibly people i know rather than some royal teaparty. A wedding is not really a big deal. Like seriously, who actually gives a shit.

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So what, every day they're supposed to remind us of what's going on?
Hey guys, remember when Japan had that earthquake? Yeah that sucked. Also, the economy still sucks.

day 2:

the economy still sucks, japanese people are still dead.

They did that in the Great Depression. The radio news stations presented happy, fluffy stuff to cheer people up so when they lose their job they don't go to a hotel room and blow theire brains out with a shotgun.

The news stations are there to make money, they have no responsibility. If people didn't care about the royal wedding, they wouldn't watch and the news would stop talking about it.

If people demand it, they'll supply it and make money off of it. Learn the basic rules of business.

Okay, so, according to you, we should just play the same depressing thing everyday?

I disagree, the world can be a depressing place; it is nice and refreshing to hear a news story that isn't about people dying, the economy plummeting, or catastrophes destroying places.

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I stopped caring about what happens to the British monarchy when the British monarchy stopped ruling my country in 1776.

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The US economy is in the shitter? Hello! An assload of countries in an even worse state called they said "STOP YOUR BITCHING!!!". And I'm not just talking about third world countries. Take mine for example. Iceland, its nice, we were in a good situation and were among the top countries in Europe. Now we plummeted down. The US is still doing a hell of a lot better then other countries. So once again, STOP YOUR BITCHING!

Personally, I like the fact that the news stations are reporting on something that isn't depressing.

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I don't have a problem with hearing nice fluff stories and feel good reports, but i so don't care about the royal wedding.

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The news isn't aiming to please you and only you.
The US economy has been bad for years, and I have no interest in being reminded day after day.
I personally enjoy hearing about the royal wedding because it's nice to hear about something going on in the world that isn't terrible.

I fucking hate the Today Show.

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Saw this on Reddit..

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The royal wedding definetly is a bit over-hyped, but I think a lot of people need some good news every now and then, instead of the same depressing stuff all the time.

And if all the news showed was the violence that goes on and the tragedies of the world you would be complaining that they have nothing nice to say and the world is purely full of crap. People need a break from seeing all the horrible things that go on. But you seem like the kind of person that only likes to hear bad news, that sucks.

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How is this positive?

oh come on i love william and kate

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