I love the moments when a smell brings back the past and the sensation that comes with it, amirite?

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I wouldn't know, but at the moment 15 people would say so.

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How the hell am i supposed to know that?!

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Freaky nostalgic

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Whenever I smell shit, I remember the time I was dunked repeatedly by my parents in a massive pool filled with shit and other sewage. So no, I don't love it.

finally someone else understands! everytime i ask people about this, they give me this look like i'm crazy or something. and i guess i kinda am haha.

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cinnamon gum and root beer reminds me of the beach. I noticed this a couple years ago, and now I only chew cinnamon gum and drink root beer at the beach, so that if I do by an off chance drink root beer or someone gives me a piece of cinnamon gum, I'm filled with warm feelings of freedom and vacation.

Whenever I smell Bath and Body Works' Butterfly Flower I'm rocketed back to summer vacation and everything that happened cause I wore that scent every day in the summertime(: sigh summer

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