It's annoying when people post their Facebook status as "RIP (insert their name). What would you do if you saw this?". Who fucking cares what they think? You're dead. Their opinion of you isn't going to help you when that time comes, amirite?

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I agree with you that it is hell of annoying when people do that, but I understand why they do it. Part of humanity's frustration is that you can't know what people honestly think of you, something they would reveal once you were gone. The status thing is an attempt to find that out, but I think it's rather self-absorbed, since the poster knows that no one is actually going to tell the truth and that all the comments will be "OMG I'd cry for days!!! I love you so much!!!!!"

It's annoying, but that's not why.

It's annoying because the person who posts that as a status is being an attention whore.

Ohh I understand. At first I thought this post was saying people shouldn't post "RIP Grandpa" or something because it's meaningless.

Asking what your facebook friends what they'd do if you died is meaningless and very few would tell the truth. It doesn't matter anyway because you'd be dead.

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Yeah sure because we totally shouldn't respect the dead.

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